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Cat and Small Pet Brushes

Ergo Cat BrushErgo Cat Brush

Designed for cats

  • Removes dead pet hair
  • Promotes a glossy coat
  • Regular brushing or combing helps maintain a check on your cats health
  • Brushing lays down the hair and distributes the natural oils from the base of the coat to the top surface.

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  • Nylon Bristle BrushNylon Bristle Brush
    For Cats and Short Coated Dogs.
  • Washable nylon bristles
  • Soft handle designed for comfort and control
  • Soft nylon bristles remove loose pat hairs and stimulate natural oils
  • Promotes a shiny and healthy coat
  • 7" overall length

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  • Small Pets Bristle BrushSmall Pets Bristle Brush
    This bristle brush has been designed for use on puppies, kittens, hamsters, rabbits and other small animals.
  • Prevents hair balls
  • Extra soft nylon bristles
  • Removes dirt and loose pet hair
  • Promotes a healthy coat
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Comfort grip hair design
  • Always brush in the direction the hair grows
  • Leaves no irritating residue.

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  • Pet Hair MagnetPet Hair Magnet
    Simply hold in your hand, gently wipe pet hair and dust off any surface including clothes and soft furnishings with a sweeping motion.
  • Effortlessly removes pet hair from clothes and furniture
  • Simple and effective to use
  • Clean and wash with every use with soap and water, leave to dry.
  • Only use the pet hair magnet dry, never wet.
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