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Vets Medi Cover

- The pet insurance people

Hello Kitty Cat Cube

Hello Kitty Cat Cube
£ + P&P

Pop Open Cube

Click here for  Play Cube.  The Play Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike. It is designed to roll and always gives your cat at least two options of exit

Cat Fun Tent £

Buy cat fun tent

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Big Cat Fun Cube £

Click here for Big Cat Fun Cube

click icon for discount

Door Teaser

Click here for Door Teaser.  The door teaser simply hangs on a door knob wth a pom pom dangling from the end of a tough elastic string

£ +p&p


Peek a Prize cat toy - Click Image

£ + p&p

Large Fur Mouse

White or Brown large fur mouse

Single £ +p&p
2 £ +p&p each

6 Cat Balls in Tube

One Tube of 6 Rattling Cat Balls - Click Image

Rattle when shaken
Single £ +p&p
2 £ +p&p each

Mice twin pack

mice twin pack - Click Image
Twinpack £ +p&p

Canvas Mice

canvas mice - Click Image
twinpack £ +p&p

Cat Crinkle Bag

Cat crinkle bag - Click Image
£ +p&p

Cheeky Mouse

cheeky mouse - Click Image

Colour Varies £ +p&p

Grey Chirping Mouse

grey chirping mouse - Click Image
£ +p&p

Crazy Fun Circle

crazy fun circle - Click Image

£ +p&p

Springing Toy

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Single £
2 £ +p&p each

Mini Sisal Mice

cheeky mouse - Click Image

from £ +p&p

Pom Pom £

Click here for  mouse pom pom for cats

3C Play Tunnel

cat play tunnel

Single £ +p&p
4+ £ +p&p each
10+ £ +p&p each

Catnip large mouse

catnip large mouse
Single £ +p&p

Sisal Ball 5.5cm dia

sisal ball with feather and rattle

Single £ 2+ £+p&p
with inside rattle

Soft Spikey Balls 3cm

soft spikey balls

Pack of four £
2+ £ +p&p each

Cat Dangler

40cm stick, 5cm ball, colour varies

cat dangler- Click Image

Single £ 2+ £ each +p&p

Shake n Squeak £

Click here for shake n squeak cat toy

assorted colours

Codfather cat toy £

Click here for codfather cat toy

Mouse Bounce

Click here for mouse bounce
£ +p&p

Quantity discounts apply

Kitty Toys

hello kitty catnip furball

Kitty Teasers

Click here for hello kitty ribbon teaser