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Petfresh is scientifically proven to completely destroy odours immediately Petfresh Kennel and patio cleaner Petfresh discount pack of kennel/patio cleaner, hutch/cage cleaner and odour eliminator Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd Tel 01782 520376, Mobile 07712 648739, Fax 01782 450814. Registered in England No. 4841794

  • Safe around pets and children
  • 5L Concentrate

  • Pet Fresh Testimonial
    24/8/12: I cannot believe what an incredible product Pet Fresh is. Since you recommended it I have ordered 4 x 5L bottles. Its amazing and the only product I have ever used that truly gets rid of the odours from our stud cats. I cannot thank you enough! Life is far more pleasant!
    Claire Pearson
    Handale Pixie Bobs

    Petfresh Cleaner :

  • Scientifically proven to completely destroy odours immediately.

  • Can be diluted up to 10-1 and applied directly or diluted via trigger sprays, mop and bucket, pressure washers, or other applicators.

  • Safe and gentle formula with unique patent pending technology designed to destroy odour compounds and their bacterial source without masking.

  • FRAGRANCE FREE for pets' added comfort

  • Effective against odours associated with urine, vomit, faeces, body odour, food waste, damp and other general household smells.

  • Can be used to clean dirt and waste leaving affected areas hygienically fresh

  • Use in kennels, catteries, on patios, dog runs, dog pens, stables, aviaries, indoor hard floors or any other large spaces.

    Available Sizes

    • 5 Litre Petfresh Kennel & patio cleaner concentrate + post & packing

    • 4 x 5 Litre Kennel & patio cleaner concentrate + post & packing

    • Discount pack of 1 * 5L Disinfectant concentrate, 1 * 500ml Hutch & Cage cleaner spray, 1 * 500ml Odour Eliminator spray - plus post and packing