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RAC fabric pet carrier is ideal for indoor, outdoor and travel use and simple to set up and fold down

These carriers are an ideal way of transporting either your cats or dogs. They can also be used for sleeping purposes as the front opening flap can be rolled up and secured with the Velcro fastener.

They are lightweight and yet very strong. Carriers can be placed one on top of another owing to the metal framework. This framework can easily be set up and also folded down – for storage. The framework can also be taken out so that the fabric can be washed if necessary.
RAC pet carrier small

Small: 51 x 33 x 31 cm approx

RAC pet carrier medium

Medium: 61 x 40 x 41 cm approx

RAC pet carrier large

Large: 75 x 51.5 x 51 cm approx

  • The RAC carriers have both front and top zip openings.
  • They also have nylon “windows” to all four sides and the top
  • Allows your pet to see outside with ease.
  • They come in three different sizes Small;.Medium;and Large.
  • The colour is predominantly black with orange “detail”.
  • Carrying handles and shoulder straps can be found on the small and medium carriers
  • Large RAC Canvas Carrier - NO STRAPS OR CARRY HANDLES.

These carriers are “top of the range” as there is extra attention to detail such as embroidered RAC and chevrons to the carrying handles and orange stitching to the side chevron windows.