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Safe4 Pets Disinfectant Wipes

Safe4 Pets disinfectant is non-toxic, non-staining, non-tainting, non corrosive, non-irritant. Supplied from Crystal Clear Pet Products LtdCrystal Clear Pet Products Ltd Tel 01782 520376, Mobile 07712 648739, Fax 01782 450814. Registered in England No. 4841794

Tub 200 Wipes


  • Non Toxic, Non Corrosive
  • Non Staining, Non-Tainting
  • Non Irritant
  • Biodegradeable
  • Does NOT contain Phenols or Aldehydes

  • Safe4 disinfectant wipes are biodegradeable and impregnated with Safe4 disinfectant bringing you all the benefits of safe4 disinfectant in wipes!

    Effective against:

    • Viruses including Hepititis B, Canine Parvo Virus
    • Bacteria including MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella SPP
    • Funghi including Candida Albicans, Microsporum SPP

    Applications include:

  • Feedbowls and containers
  • Pet bedding
  • Pens, kennels, cages
  • Worktops and Sinks

    Available Sizes

  • 200 wipe container plus post and packing