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Soft Fleece Pet Blanket

Circular pet mat - Click Image
Single £ +p&p
2 £ +p&p each

Soft Fleece pet Blanket pink - click image Soft Fleece pet Blanket blue - click image Soft Fleece pet Blanket black beige

  • 73cm x 70cm approx size
  • Colours pink and blue
  • Paw print pattern
  • Ideal for small cats and dogs
  • Suitable for in the car, baskets and in the home
  • Provides both comfort and warmth
  • Discount for 2 or more of any colour mix
  • The winning touch!

  • Soft Fleece Pet Blanket

    This item is not treated with fire resistant chemicals and should not be used on soft furnishings. Keep away from fires.