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Vets Medi Cover

The pet insurance people

Pet Remedy Heat Pad

Pet Remedy Heat pad

£ + p&p

Self Heating Pet Pad

Click here for snugglesafe  heat pad

Snugglesafe Heat Pad

Click here for snugglesafe  heat pad

Heat Pad £

50cm sq.
Pet Pad

Pet pad

£ + p&p

40cm Red Pet Pad

Pet pad

£ + p&p

Round Pet Pad 30cm

Pet  pad

£ + p&p

Petfresh Odour Eliminator

petfresh odour eliminator
Click image

Raindrop Fountains

Raindrop plasic water fountain

Stainless Fountains

stainless steel water fountains

Petmate Fountain

Fresh Flow pet water fountain encourages pets to drink more water, which reduces the risk of urinary diseases.

Fung Shui Fountains

fung shui water fountains

Sense Fountains

senses drinking fountains

Omegapaw Scoop 'n' clip

£ + p&p
Click here for more details on Food Scoop and Clip. 
It's easy to measure the amout of food you serve to pets

Catrix Set 3

Click here for Catrix cat scratchers

Set 3 £ + p&p

PetRemedy Calming Spray

cat accessories UK: pet remedy calming spray

Petremedy Calming Plugin

Click here for more

Auto Feeder

Click here for Auo Feeders

Single £
2+ £ +p&p each

CatIt Senses

Cat Accessories UK: Click here for catit design circuits

Airforce Cage Fan

Airforce cage Cooler
£ +p&p

Hello Kitty Feeding Mats

Click here Hello Kitty feeding mats

Pet beds

pet beds click here

click image

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Pettouch Lint Roller

Pettouch Lint roller to remove pet hairs from soft furnishings and clothing - Click Image

Single £ +p&p
2 £ +p&p each
3+ £ +p&p each

Cat Fun Cube £

Click here for  Cat Fun Cube.

Soft Fleece Pet Blanket

soft fleece pet blanket- Click Image

Single £ +p&p
2 £ +p&p each


Circular Pet Mat

Circular pet mat - Click Image

Single £ + p&p
2 £ + p&p each

Kitten Starter

Lint roller to remove pet hairs from soft furnishings and clothing - Click Image

Single £ +p&p
2 £ +p&p each
4+ £ +p&p each


Safe4 Disinfectant

Safe4 Pets disinfectant is non-toxic,non-staining,non-tainting,non corrosive, non-irritant

As well as the range of cat accessories UK shown above we have a wide range of cat litters, cat litter boxes, cat litter trays, cat carriers,
cat scratchers, cat and dog food
Cat Litter,Worlds Best Cat Litter 7.5Kg  £15.99, Litter Pearls Cat Litter, Ultimate Innovation Cat Litter, Easy Clean cat litter, Nullodor health indicator cat litter Cat scratchers including Omega Paw, Catrix and Pro Gold Premium Pet Food Selection Disinfectants from Safe4 Pets and Pet Fresh
The Pet Grooming Room Pet Treats Pet Treats Catrix Build 'n' Create is easy to use and assemble - click logo