Breeder Celect 30l cat litter

Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter

A Cat litter which is a uniquely formulater pelleted litter from 99% recycled paper, with no additives or chemical, is virtually dust free.


A Breeder sized 30 litre sack of a uniquely formulated pelleted cat litter made from 99% recycled paper, with no additives or chemicals and is virtually dust free.

Breeder Celect Cat litter UK paper pellets Breeder Celect cute kittenBreeder Celect Cat Litter is cleaner and easier to 'muck-out' than traditional cat litter, also effective at less depth than clay cat litter. Consider your carbon pawprint.

Price £ + p&p Min order 2 bags.

Brand: Fibrecycle | Condition: New |
Code: 37030 | Category: Cat Litter

Your Cat Magazine Review January 2013

Verdict: I like the idea of recycled paper and Breeder Celect is, in my opinion, the best on the market. It is light and clean to handle and it does not tum into a jelly-type mess when used. It does not track and best of all, the cats are happy to use it. I am very concerned about the weight of used litter as it can be difficult to dispose of, but this one is light enough to bag it and bin it. One huge bonus is that I seem to use less litter than with other types, hence saving me money. It is easy to just remove any solids and this way you can save by not having to change the litter so often.

Rated: Excellent

How to use Breeder Celect Cat Litter - click here
  • No additives or chemicals

  • 99% recycled paper

  • Doesn't break down with use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Lightweight - easy to handle

  • Minimum order 2 bags

  • Reduces tracking - doesn't mark floors

  • Economical - long lasting

  • Highly absorbent - superior performance

  • Suitable for all cat breeds

  • Handles on packs make them easy to lift, carry and use

  • Natural odour control

  • Easy pour spout makes them easier to pour and gives more control

  • Consider your carbon pawprint

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    Consider your carbon pawprint









    No virgin
    Factory process
    paper resource
    No acid or
    No coating,
    anti-clump or
    scent additives
    Ideal surface
    Recyclable &
    inks reduce
    VOC emissions
    & hazardous
    Low weight per
    volume means
    better transport
    Breeder Celect cat litter UK contains >99% recycled paper (post-consumer). No new material is used in our product. The recycling of paper saves valuable landfill space, saves energy, reduces pollution and uses less resources than manufacturing from virgin material. Our process utilises virtually all recycled paper. Maximising recycling (and therefore reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill) helps reduce demand for landfill sites, preventing habitat destruction and water-way pollution from tip sites. Our patented process is Process Chlorine Free (PCF). This means that it does not use any bleach whatsoever (chlorine, oxygen-based or elemental). Bleaches contain chemicals which may increase respiratory risk and produce toxic by-products. These can adversely affect humans, animals and the environment. Breeder Celect cat litter UK relies on the natural absorption qualities of paper, and does not utilise additives or chemicals. Coating, anti-clumping and scent additives (which only mask odours) may pose health threats to humans and animals alike because they contain, create or utilise chemicals, allergens, fumes and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. After use, Breeder Celect cat litter can be used as surface mulch in gardens or will decompose beneficially in a managed landfill facility. Paper biodegrades over time with the assistance of oxygen and water. Mulching of paper (especially when mixed with other organic material) can help suppress weed growth, retain water, help protect plants from frost and reduce soil erosion. Our packaging is made from >99% renewable paper which can be recycled, is biodegradable and can be used as an environment-friendly bio-fuel. Recycling paper saves valuable landfill space, saves energy, uses less resources and reduces pollution. Paper packaging can also work well in composting. Our packaging utilises water-based inks instead of traditional solvent-based inks. Solvent-based inks utilise petrochemicals (oil) which create higher Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and hazardous waste. VOC emissions include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse effects (to humans, animals and the environment). Our recycled paper product is lighter than clay, chemical and wood alternatives. Lighter products result in lower fuel usage (before and after purchase) and lower emissions per km (before and after purchase).
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