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Nature’s Calling is made from the re-claimed lining of walnut shells.

Not only is it incredibly effective at absorbing ammonia and neutralizing odour, but it also clumps quickly on contact - making the removal of those unwanted lumps a breeze. All of which means there is less waste so even the smallest pack of Nature’s Calling could last up to 30 days before the whole litter tray needs changing.
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  • Superior odour control proven to neutralize odour*
  • Fast clumping action super absorbent - quicker to clean
  • 100% natural & biodegradable made from walnut shell linings
  • Low dust easy to manage, less mess

    Nature’s Calling is available in a unique easy pour, re-sealable pouch.
    An integrated handle also makes it really simple to use and convenient to store.

    Made without any harmful ingredients, the walnut shells used in Nature’s Calling are an annually renewable resource which means it’s kinder to the environment and safer for you and your cat or kitten. 100% Natural, biodegradable with outstanding performance*...

    In a nutshell, it works