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Alternative Dry Kibble Cat Food Pouches

  • Alternative Dry is a complete dry cat food
  • Ingredients originally from Human Food Chain
  • 100% Fresh Meat kibble
  • only fresh sturgeon, chicken or salmon, as indicated on the label
  • contains no meat meal or dehydrated meat
  • single source of animal protein
  • no appetite stimulants added
  • No genetically modified organisms
  • Suitable for cats that are hypersensitive to foods
  • Ideal for exclusion diets
  • Once opened, consume within 3 months
  • Shelf life 18 months
  • Almo Alternative Chicken  750

    Almo Alternative Salmon  750g

    Almo Alternative Sturgeon  750g

    Almo Alternative Duck 750

    Almo Alternative Quail 750

    Almo Alternative Chicken 2Kg

    Almo Alternative Salmon 2Kg

    Almo Alternative Sturgeon 2Kg

    Almo Alternative Duck 2Kg

    Almo Alternative Quail 2Kg

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