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almo nature jelly pouchalmo nature cuisine pouch Cuisine natural cat food by Almo Nature contains only parts of meats or fish that are suitable for human consumption but are not channelled to the sector for commercial reasons, integrated with jelly, sauces, vegetables (and derivatives) or cereals (and derivatives), and integrated with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. .

Jelly natural cat food by Almo Nature is a product made with only ingredients fit for human consumption, but not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons, of which 50% is meat or fish, added with little rice. These products are part of the Cuisine category because the cooking juices in this case form gelatine with naturaln and vegetable roughage.
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Feeding tips
Within the alternated diet regime recommended by Almo Nature, you can introduce these 5 delicious Cuisine recipes. These natural cat foods suitable for all, but they are particularly appropriate for:
  • cats with finicky tastes. They certainly won’t turn their noses up at our exclusive and natural, refined and rare ingredients. The label clearly states the ingredients contained in the pouch, meaning that you can easily select the recipe best suited to your cat’s needs and tastes;
  • cats that need to check their calorie intake; thanks to no fats being added, Cuisine allows you to control your cat’s weight and keep him looking healthy and slim;
  • cats that have digestive difficulties; the completely natural composition of the products guarantees that it will be well tolerated by cats at this stage of their lives.
  • Feeding tips
    Jelly by Almo Nature is ideal for all cats and, particularly suitable as a summer food:
  • because its gelatine is a natural remedy for eliminating hairballs that cats ingest during their daily grooming routines. If hairballs are not eliminated they may remain in the stomach causing problems;
  • because the natural gelatine makes this a fresh food and prevents it drying up in the bowl.

    In addition, it is also perfect for cats with finicky tastes:
  • because it is tasty for those cats that prefer gelatine to liquid broth;
  • because it uses natural ingredients and nothing else, which is a guarantee that it will be well tolerated by cats with sensitive digestive systems;
  • because the label clearly declares all protein sources contained in the product, making it easy to select the recipes best suited to your cat’s needs and tastes.
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