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Light and compact, the 2.27kg bag of Almo Nature Cat Litter is surprisingly efficient and lasts up to 4 weeks with very little product wasted.

Liquids are absorbed and remain trapped in a thin clump on the surface, leaving both the tray and the remaining litter clean.

  • Instant absorbtion neutralises bad odours.
  • Soft on paws and does not stick to fur or legs
  • The litter is produced using only vegetable fibres
  • Additive-free, so it’s safe for your cat and the whole family.

  • Almo Nature Cat Litter Usage Information

  • First Time - Pour the product in to the litter tray to create a “base” of approximately 2 cm high (for a 30 x 40 cm tray half a bag will be sufficient).

  • Daily - Remove the clumps with a large, mesh scoop and dispose of them directly into the toilet* or the compost.

  • Weekly - Restore the “base” level by pouring 1/4 of a 2.27 kg bag (approx. 500 g of product for a 4 kg cat) into the tray.

  • Monthly - When washing the litter tray, do not throw the clean litter away – you can reuse it (the rapid formation of soiled clumps ensures the hygiene of the surrounding product)

  • Note: - Never flush the entire tray of litter down the toilet, just the solid clumps