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AlmoNature HFC cat food 70g tins AlmoNature HFC cat food 280g tins AlmoNature holistic dry cat food almonature cat food daily menu pouches Almo Nature alternative cat food AlmoNature alternative dry cat food
AlmoNature - nutrition and pleasure from their point of view.  Click here for more AlmoNature 70g tins AlmoNature’s wet cat foods are cooked and prepared using the best quality cuts of meat and do not undergo any chemical processes. They then preserve them in their own cooking juices, to conserve the nutrients and flavour.
The 70g tinned cat food is the most popular and long established recipe.

Almo HFC cat food 48x70g
Almo HFC cat food 24x70g
Almo HFC cat food 12x70g

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48 x 70g case 24 x 70g case 12 x 70g case
Almo HFC Veal

AlmoNature Cat Food Beef 75%, beef broth 24%, rice 1%  Almo HFC Beef

Almo HFC Chicken Fillet Almo HFC Chicken Fillet

Almo HFC Cat Food  - Chicken drumstick  Almo HFC Chicken Drumstick

AlmoNature Cat FoodTuna & Squid Almo HFC Tuna & Squid

AlmoNature Cat Food  Atlantic tunaAlmo HFC Atlantic Tuna

AlmoNature Cat Food  Chicken breast Almo HFC Chicken Breast

AlmoNature Cat Food Tuna Shrimp Almo HFC Tuna Shrimp

AlmoNature Cat Food Chicken & Shrimps Almo HFC Chicken & Shrimps

Almo HFC Natural Cat Food  Chicken & Tuna 4Almo HFC Chicken & Tuna

AlmoNature HFC Cat Food Oceanic fish Almo HFC Oceanic Fish

AlmoNature Cat Food  Seafood - Whitefish 45%, clams 14%, cuttlefish 9%, shrimps 7%, cooking water 24%, rice 1%  Almo Seafood (Mixed)

AlmoNature Cat Food Mackerel Almo HFC Mackerel

Almo HFC Natural Cat Food  SalmonAlmo HFC Natural Salmon

AlmoNature Cat Food Salmon & Chicken Almo HFC Salmon with Chicken

AlmoNature Cat Food Pacific Tuna  - Pacific tuna (yellowfin) HFC Pacific Tuna **

AlmoNature Cat Food salmon Almo HFC Salmon with Carrot

Almo HFC Natural Cat Food Tuna with Corn Almo HFC Tuna with Corn

AlmoNature Cat Food  - Chicken with punpkin Almo HFC Chicken with pumpkin

AlmoNature Cat Food Trout 37,5%, tuna 37,5%, cooking water 24%, rice 1%  Almo HFC Trout & Tuna

AlmoNature Cat Food Tuna Clam - Format:Tuna 70%, clams 5%, fish broth 24%, rice 1% Almo HFC Tuna and Clams

AlmoNature Cat Food Chicken with cheese Almo HFC Chicken with cheese

AlmoNature Cat Food Tuna Whitebait Almo HFC Tuna Whitebait

AlmoNature Cat Food Kitten -  ChickenHFC Kitten food chicken **

Mixed Boxes: Select your own personal mix from the above varieties, from within the same priced range of 48's, 24's and 12's.

MAXIMUM of FOUR varieties per box.

Choose Mixed box on drop down and Phone, email or enter details during checkout in the 'Mixed' field

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