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Cat-it Jumbo
Cat Litter Box

Cat-it Jumbo white tiger cat litter pan

Cat-it Jumbo
Litter Box

Cat-it Jumbo cat litter pan

Booda Dome

Booda Dome pearl cat litter box
£ +p&p

Booda Cleanstep

Booda Cleanstep cat litter box
£ + p&p

Hooded Cat Litter Box

Hooded Cat Litter Box

IMAC Ginger Corner

IMAC corner cat litter box red
£ + p&p

Pet Brands Hooded

translucent hooded cat litter boxes


Nestor hooded cat litter box

Smartcat Corner Cat Litter Tray

Smartcat corner cat litter trays
+ p&p

Ultimate Cat Litter Tray

Smartcat ultimate cat litter trays
+ p&p

Omega Paw
Roll Away

Omega paw Roll Away Cat Litter Box regular

Top Opening

Clevercat Top Opening cat litter boxes
£ + p&p

IMAC Fred Corner

IMAC corner open cat litter box Fred
£ + p&p

IMAC EasyCat Hooded

IMAc easy cay litter tray brown
£ + p&p
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We have a wide range of cat litter boxes and cat litter trays.

Cat-it Hooded Pan

IMAC corner cat litter box blue

Forever Litter Trays

Click for forever litter trays
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Catit Smartsift

catit smartsift cat litter box
£ + p&p

3 pack

Ultimate innovation cat litter disposable tray
£ + p&p

Astroturf Litter Mat

Click here for more about Astroturf cat mat

£ +p&p

Catit Cat
Litter Mat

CAtit cat litter mat
+ p&p

Clevercat Liners

Click here for more about Astroturf cat mat
10 Jumbo
£ +p&p

Booda Liner/Filter

Click here for more about Astroturf cat mat

Pet Brands Liners

Click here for more about Astroturf cat mat

giant size ideal for cleanstep

Hello Kitty Litter Box

Click here Litter Boxes

Cat Litter Scoop

Litter pearls Scoop

Large holes - Extra strong!

Price £ + p&p

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