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Nullodor Health Indicator Cat Litter

is so easy to use:

    STEP 1

    Fill a clean litter tray with 2-3 inches (5-7cms) of NULLODOR HEALTH INDICATOR cat litter.litter pearls scoop

    STEP 2

    Regularly check the colour of the cat litter in the tray. The normal colour, when urine is added to the cat litter, is either light- to dark yellow. Should any other colour become visible, immediately contact your vet.

    STEP 3

    Using a litter scoop regularly remove solid waste & thoroughly stir the litter.

    STEP 4

    Nullodor Health indicator is a revolutionary cat litter that detects anomalies in urine.
The litter's early detection system informs owners when their cat needs to visit the vets
by changing colour from either light/dark yellow to red, green or blue.Completely empty & clean the litter tray once a month. Refill with new NULLODOR HEALTH INDICATOR cat litter (if the Early Detection System is activated the litter may need to be replaced more often).

    Take Note

    N.B. NULLODOR HEALTH INDICATOR cat litter cannot detect every urinary abnormality. Only your vet will be able to undertake such a diagnosis.

    Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd Tel 01782 520376, Mobile 07712 648739, Fax 01782 450814. Registered in England No. 4841794 Cat faeces can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis. Pregnant, nursing, or persons with a suppressed immune system should use caution & thoroughly wash hands after handling soiled litter.