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litter pearls cat litter scoop

Tracks-Less LITTER PEARLS is an amazing silica-gel based Cat Litter which eliminates cat litter odours and becomes dry to the touch in seconds. Ultimate Innovation 15kg sack of cat litter.  This is, The answer to a prayer - a 15kg sack of Tracks-Less silica-gel cat litter, produced by Crystal Clear Pet Products LTD. especially for multi-cat owners, breeders, catteries and various cat rescue groups.  cRYSTAL cLEAR CAT LITTER PEARLS WELLNESS
crystal clear litter pearls cat litter scoop

Price £ + p&p

Testimonial: Hi I had a brilliant strong scoop from u at supreme show last Nov. Do u sell these separately and how much if so. strongest scooper I've ever found. Would like to purchase. Many thanks.
Helen Smith, Aug 2011

Features :

Large holes - designed to allow the LITTER PEARLS to fall through, with a minimum of shaking, when extracting the faeces from the cat litter.

Extra strong - enabling it to easily cope with the stirring/raking of the LITTER PEARLS in the cat litter tray for maximum product life.

Works brilliantly with ALL TYPES OF CAT LITTER - ensuring that only clumps (or lumps) are taken out.