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Frank's Pro Gold Light Senior dog food

Light Senior

Frank's Pro Gold Light/Senior dog food is a complete balanced diet developed for those dogs with a tendency to be over weight and for older dogs who have lower energy requirements.

A tasty and highly digestible dog food made purely from high quality raw materials such as turkey, rice and corn. The combination of turkey fat, fish oil and vegetable oils provides an optimal ratio of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids promotes a healthy skin and coat. Frank's Pro Gold Light/Senior also contains Inulin, a fructo-oglio-saccharide, which promotes bowel health by supporting the gut's beneficial bacteria.

Frank“s Pro Gold Light/Senior dog food meets the AAFCO`s (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutritional recommendations.

Contains: ground corn, turkey meal, ground rice dried beet pulp, turkey fat, fish oil, flaxseed, fish meal, vegetable oil, brewer“s yeast, eggs, vitamins and minerals, Inulin (FOS), lecithin.

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Available in 3Kg (£) & 15Kg (£) sacks. Discounts available:

2 bags of 15Kg £ each
4 bags of 15Kg £ each
Orders over £90 qualify for free delivery