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Forever Litter Trays are the greener alternative to disposable cat litter trays

These are a more cost effective permanent replacement to ScoopfreeŽ and ScoopMaidŽ disposable cardboard cartridges. Forever Litter trays are also a direct fit replacement for all models of cat litter trays that accept these cartridges.
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In order to provide the most cost-effective international shipping options, Forever Litter Tray cartridges are available exclusively through Enquires Tel 01782 520376 office hours

  • Strong construction won't leak, is easy to use and has no metal parts to rust
  • Made entirely from 100% anti-microbial plastic, light beige in colour.
  • The cat litter tray and Flap Kit are made from the same high impact plastic.
  • Anti-sliding ridge to reduce sliding of cat litter into the waste compartment
  • Tray itself is made from high impact, fully recyclable plastic
  • As leak-proof as possible
  • Works well with crystal litter like

    Litter Pearls Wellness

  • The Forever Flap Kit provides two barriers, one at the front of the waste area and one at the back. The flap at the back serves the secondary function of helping to keep crystals from spilling out when the waste fills up with crystals at the end of the cleaning cycle.