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Gimpet Hy-Grass and GrasBits

gimpet Hi-Grass - guaranteed grass growth without problemsGimpet Hy-Grass contains water-retaining hydro-grains which eliminates the continual need for watering. Just water once, and the fresh grass is ready within days.

150g + P&P
12 x 150g + P&P

Cats need fresh greenstuff to complete their diets. They often try to obtain this from houseplants. However, ethereal oils or protective products used on plants can lead to chronic poisoning. Avoid this by giving your cat GIMPET Hy-Grass.

GIMPET Hy-Grass contains the grass needed by cats to spit out swallowed hairs. For optimal growth, water the grass tray with lukewarm water. Please note that it is important to place a layer of, e.g., newspaper underneath the grass in winter, as window sills can be very cold. Metal windows also give off coldness. This has a negative effect on grass growth.

Ideally, you should keep the contents moist every day by spraying them. The amount of time needed for the contents to germinate is dependent on light and temperature conditions, and can therefore vary (approx. 5-8 days).

Ensure that there is a constant supply of fresh grass - your cat will thank you for it with health and well-being. GIMPET Hy-Grass will stay fresh for longer if you keep it in a cool place, away from direct light, after your cat has eaten some of it.

Gimpet Grasbits are tasty tablets with a high grass content.Gimpet Grasbits are tasty tablets with a high grass content. Cats that go outdoors satisfy their grass needs from mother nature, for all the other cats there are new Grasbits, they are available in a 50g resealable stand-up pouch

50g + P&P
12 x 50g + P&P

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