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Jerob Texturising Shampoo and Spray

jerob parisian purple shampoo

The famous Jerob Texturising Shampoo adds body to fine or limp coats. This ruby red shampoo contains special texturizing agents. For show day and for coats that need more of a 'blown up' look. Creme rinse is optional.

Texturising shampoo should always be used last. Must be diluted at least 10 parts water to 1 part shampoo, and RINSE and RINSE and RINSE again.

8oz / 16oz

Use Jerob Texturising SPRAY at the show as you comb the coat before the ring. With very little build up, it's perfect for a long show weekend.

To bring out flecking and ticking patterns on short haired breeds, spray, let dry and polish with a chamois. Puts a shine on dull coats.

Helps to control neck and head cowlicks. Also removes static and is recommended for all long and short haired breeds. Clear, with a pleasant light fragrance

4oz / 8oz