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Safe4 Pets Disinfectant

Kills swine flu Safe4 Pets disinfectant is non-toxic,non-staining,non-tainting,non corrosive, non-irritant.  Supplied from Crystal Clear Pet Products LtdDownload Dilution Guide Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd Tel 01782 520376, Mobile 07712 648739, Fax 01782 450814. Registered in England No. 4841794
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  • Non Toxic, Non Irritant, Non Corrosive, Non Staining, Non-Tainting
  • Biodegradeable (water based)
  • Does NOT contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or alchohol
  • Neutral ph of approx. 7.6 in working dilutions
  • No need to wash away with water after application
  • Can be brought into immediate contact with humans and animals
  • Approved by DEFRA (Dept. for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs).
  • Tested by the Scientific Services Unit Veterinary Laboratories agency (VLA). The VLA is an executive agency of defra.
  • Safe4 disinfectant has been found to be effective against H1N1 (swine flu) at a dilution of 1:20

    Effective against:

    • Viruses including Hepititis B, Canine Parvo Virus, Swine Flu
    • Bacteria including MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella SPP
    • Funghi including Candida Albicans, Microsporum SPP

    Applications include:Download Test Results

  • Pet feedbowls and containers
  • Pet bedding
  • Pens, kennels, cages
  • Quarantine and isolation areas
  • Worktops and Sinks
  • Canine ring worm, distemper, kennel cough, hepatitis
  • Feline Panleucopenia (FP), ring worm, cat flu, FeLVinfection
  • Equine herpes, ring worm and rain rot, tetanus, infulenza, distemper, thrush

    Disinfectant and odour removal
    Available Sizes

  • 5 Litre concentrate in Apple / Mint / Unscented fragrance
  • 1 Litre concentrate in Apple / Mint / Unscented fragrance
  • 500ml Spray in Apple and Freshmint fragrances or Odourless 4.50 each plus post & packing
  • Offer pack of 1 * 5L concentrate, 3 * 500ml in each apple, mint & odourless fragrance and 1 * 500ml Odour Killer

  • Testimonial: 12/02/11 P.S Recently brought some safe 4 cherry and almond disinfectant and it was the best thing we have brought in ages! one of our cats had had an accident on the carpet. We had tried the simple solutions for ages and still could smell it. I used the safe 4 neat on the area and around it and have smelt nothing else since. Thanks for that and thanks for the speed of the order. I received it much quicker than anything else I have ever ordered online Thanks for your help. Michelle

    Safe4 disinfectant solution