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It is ideal for kittens over eight weeks and queens in that it eliminates smells and is very soft on tiny paws
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Nullodor small pet litter is made from the same silica gel as Litter Pearls and Ultimate Innovation but is a much finer version, ranging in size between salt and sugar


Kittens can roll in it without coming out smelling of urine ( a boon when attempting to sell your kittens!)

Please do not confuse silica gel, which is completely harmless, with potentially harmful crystalline silica dust found in some other litters

Testimonial to Nullodor

Report on Nullodor Use in the Animal Welfare Centre at Warwickshire College

We have been using Nullodor as a substrate for our mice for the last couple of months.

We tried the product hoping it would control the strong smell that mice naturally produce, we were not disappointed.

We feel we have found a product that suits both our needs and the animals needs. The mice are exhibiting natural behaviour whilst using Nullodor, which is extremely important.

We are entirely satisfied with the product, all of the staff have commented on the improved aroma in the rodent room. The product is easy to use, store and manage.

Beverley Satterthwaite
Animal Welfare Centre Manager
Warwickshire College
CV35 9BL
29 September 2004

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