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PETcalm - Why give them pills when you can spray?

Safe and effective, Petcalm (tm) is a unique blend of nutrients and herbal extracts in a pet friendly spray. It is designed to calm stressed animals whether they are going to a a new home, travelling or on show. Stress free pets perform better and have less aggression and tension, resulting in vastly improved behaviour.

Petcalm went on sale in Ireland in July 2009. This was after Petcare International Ltd had been approached by several people with the question "What have you got for very nervous cats and dogs, or cats and dogs who have been treated badly?". So they talked to Animal Behaviourists who helped put PetCalm together. It was then developed in America by Mayor Pharmaceutical Labs Inc.

Single £ +p&p

  • A unique blend of nutrients and herbal extracts in a pet friendly spray
  • Spray directly into your pet's mouth or onto their food
  • So safe, humans can take it!

  • petcalm Contains purified water, glycerin, polysorbate 80, beef liver, potassium sorbate, proprietary blend from : cayenne, cramp bark, echinacea purprea, feverfew, hops, wild lettuce, magnolia bark, passion floer, rose hips, skullcap, valerian and white willow


    Eliza, once a very nervous Siamese!

    We have a 6 year old Siamese, who came to us when she was about 18 months old. She was a rehome.

    We always wanted to have a Siamese but we found it difficult to get one.

    So you can understand we were delighted we were offered this lovely girl.

    We named her Eliza. However from the time she arrived she was skittish, nervous and slinking away from us. She didn’t like to be petted, cuddled or handled at all.

    The children were very disappointed. We suspected she must have had an unpleasant experience before she came to us. So we persisted and did our best, finally she would sit on the settee with you but not too close. Any unexpected movements sent her off again. We tried everything but to no avail until a friend suggested to use PetCalm from Petcare International. At the time I told my friend I would try anything since nothing so far had done the trick.

    So first of all we had to catch her and hold her to give her the spray. After a couple of attempts we were able to do it and sprayed petcalm straight into her mouth, maybe a bit more than was advised but then we were glad to have caught her. The expression on Eliza’s face was priceless, just shock at first, like, WHAT WAS THAT! Then she licked her mouth and PURRED!!

    This cat, who never purred, purred for the first time. She stayed close to us until we went to bed.

    In the middle of the night, my husband tapped me on the shoulder and told me Eliza was in the bed and indeed, there she was between the 2 of us. This was something she had never done before.

    This happened a couple of months ago. We finished the Spray but she is still purring. When she sees me, she purrs. She still doesn’t like loud noises but she can now be cuddled. Another thing she does is head butting me! She is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CAT, thanks to PetCalm.

    Orla, Monaghan, Ireland